Saturday, November 2, 2019

Corporate Finance. Pharmaceutical Companies Essay

Corporate Finance. Pharmaceutical Companies - Essay Example the public is advice to adopt the changes introduced by the companies. Such measure has resulted in competition, and since then onwards the companies have attempted to topple the interests of their rival companies through proactive assessment of the market. The case of Robin Hood is similar to an individual trapped in the market complications, and these complications are emergent i.e. based upon socio-economic-political scenario. The implementation of the successful projects is essential for the development and the progress organization. The Robin Hood has been successful in the implementation of the comprehensive plans i.e. strategic drift, aimed at the performance and production enhancement, along with the incorporation of the latest technological applications into the product. The success is possible through the implementation of the result-oriented project management techniques; this requires the active and vigilant involvement and contribution of the upper management. The comprehensive strategy requires the identification of the areas which require enhancement and modification to ensure the success implementation of the project, beside the management has to quantify the project contributions. Robin Hood has to realize that he has to expand the operation of his unit, sticking to the traditional activity will never restrict the access to emerging avenues, which lead to the non-detrimental increment of funds. Robin Hood must realize that the success of the installation of the project is achievable through successful collaboration and implementation of the well-designed systems of communication. In the case of former, the coordination plays a crucial and determining role, and every success is attributed to the team efforts and the responsible authority, therefore the acknowledgement practices are widely common and practiced in this case. However, in the case of latter practice, the focus is converged on the communication techniques and their effectiveness. This is with reference to this specific case, the element of ideas and designs are paramount for the existence and survival of the unit. Robin Hood lacks experience, but has vision, not only that but he also has the ability to critically and analytical evaluate the scope of the project i.e. designing capabilities to handle for the situation. His suggestion for the imposition of taxes supports the fact that design and ideas are critical for the success than experience. Option No. 03 - Pharmaceutical Companies In the case of pharmaceutical companies, the company never has the authority to introduce a certain product on its own; rather the production of the pharmaceutical company is based upon consent of the research laboratories, followed by the market assessment. The pharmacy business is not there to facilitate the aspirations of the public through introduction of commercial products, rather the business of the pharmaceutical company is itself extremely responsible and has to driven not through forces of motivation, rather the business is accelerated through need assessment of the public. The pharmaceutical business has to fulfil the requirements of the market with the consent of the research institutions, it never has the permission to evolve the public, and make them

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